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"The parameters of my existence had moved.  I stood up slowly; a strange warmth was spreading from behind my navel, deep inside me.   It moved through my skeleton, through muscles, into veins, to the extremities of my body.  My scalp tingled, toes clenched and my fingers spread out as if the force coming from within was too much for them to hold."

~ D.G.A.Pritchard ~


 MAY 5, 2021

Jack Bolden clings to the church to balance his lack of confidence and finds a home in the calm assurance of his Christian faith.   A parish in Islington brings him emotional challenges for which he is ill-prepared and he flees as a missionary to Africa, where he finds a true raison d’être by merging Christianity with the local beliefs.  


However, unforeseen circumstances lead to a destruction of the faith he has held for so long and he is forced to re-appraise himself and his beliefs.   In the company of doctors for the mind, body and soul, Jack builds the fragile beginnings of new hope. While traveling and soul searching through North America and Europe, destiny throws him into the unexpected Tantric magic of a sexual union.


Will the  cathartic metamorphosis restore his soul? 


DGA Pritchard has travelled the world widely and lived within several different cultures.  Spending significant periods of life in Europe, Africa and USA, DG is well versed in the challenges that have faced these cultures during difficult times of social upheaval.  Educated in the UK and Switzerland, with dual degrees in English Literature and Comparative Theology from Georgetown University, in addition to studying at The Department of History & Philosophy at Kings College, London, DG has grappled with searches of the soul on a personal basis.   A Brand of Faith is one step on that journey.

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